Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Layout! (Plus other Random Thoughts)

So I wasn't really digging the layout that I had, but I totally love this one! The reason why I didn't like the old on was because you had to scroll all the way down to see my profile, followers, blog list, etc. I like that you can see it on the right hand side now. Plus, this one is way cuter!

This past weekend we did one more thing for the bags, which was a lullaby cd. I had seen on another CDH families facebook page that they played lullaby music for their son, and I thought it was a great idea. I was out and about on Friday and saw a lullaby cd for only $2! Then I got crazy and had to buy everything to make 50 cd's. Which cost a lot more then $2! All in all, it probably cost about $1.50 per cd, so I don't think that's a bad price at all.

After our news article came out, a lot of people have contacted me to donate items, which is fantastic! I am super excited about this. I hope that everyone follows through with donating things, because if so, we should have four people donating itmes, and one group of people donating. Which could get us a lot of donations. Either way, it at least got the word out about MJ's Memories and people were able to read about my beautiful baby boy.

Tomorrow we leave for Nevada for Thanksgiving! I am very excited to see Willie's family and visit them. But it is bittersweet because I always imagined our first trip out there with both of our babies. I even used to stay up at night thinking about how we were going to be able to handle two babies in an airport. So going out there will be very hard for me. The holidays in general scare me to death. I really don't want anything to do with them. I just want to fast forward five weeks and have it be January already. We are not decorating this year, nor do I want to.

We will be very busy after we come back from Nevada getting ready for our big Art Show on December 5th. We will have to make a ton of bracelets to get ready to sell. I really hope that we do very well at this next show. The last one we did, we sold 24 bracelets, which totally surprised us. Our goal was 10 bracelets. And that one was super small, and not very well advertised. This next one is very well advertised and will have three times the amount of people there. Plus it is pretty close to Christmas so people will have an extra reason to buy stuff. My sister and her boyfriend are coming to help us, which will be very needed! Although my sister and I already have plans to leave them at the table for a bit while we go shop! Just to give you a mental picture, my husband played college football and her boyfriend just finished his senior season playing football in college - so they are both very manly, big men. When we leave them these two will be selling bracelets, its already making me laugh!