Friday, November 6, 2009

Bows, Socks, and Handprint Kits

Well, I am really getting going on buying things and getting everything put together. I decided that for my first 50 bags, I am going to do 25 girl bags and 25 boy bags. In the girl bags, I am going to make cute little girl ribbons and put them in the bags, so moms can put ribbons on their little girls hair. I am going to buy ribbon and put them together really cute. (Maybe put my sisters to work a little more this weekend?) I googled how to stick them to little girls hair, because let's face it, most newborn babies have next to nothing hair. And guess what makes them stick to their head - surgical lubricant! Never would have though that! So I bought 144 sample packs on for $12. I gotta lotta lube on the way HAHA! Now I just have to get started tying bows! I think I want to do at least four bows per bag - pink, red, purple, and white. I might add more, who knows, if I get really into it.

Now for the boys (can't leave them out!), Will as these really cute socks that look like little shoes. They are so cute! But they will be a bit more expensive then the bows for the girls. The cheapest ones I could find were $14 for six socks. This is definitely were selling lots of bracelets will come in handy! I really want these, so the harder I work at selling these bracelets, the more socks I can put in per bag. I was thinking at least two pair, but I would like to do three. So it will be easy to wash them and get those cute socks back on those baby boys!

We got in our tins today for handprint kits! I am very excited about this, and I got plaster of paris the other day at Hobby Lobby for pretty cheap. So this weekend (if my sisters feel like working, that is) we will be putting together these kits. Things are starting to come together! Our goal of getting these bags out by January is totally realistic!