Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Blog

I know that I have mentioned this before, but I originally started this blog with the intentions of keeping up with everything that we do in MJ's name - our Local Project of Project Sweet Peas - MJ's Memories. And at first I was really good about keeping it everything that we were doing with our project, and everything that we have done in MJ's name. But then my grief sort of overcame me for awhile, and this blog became my personal outlet as I journeyed through this new crazy life of mine. I have not kept up to date with anything other then my own thoughts and feelings for awhile, but at the same time, I really want to document what we do for MJ. So I created a whole new blog!! I will keep this blog separate and still use it as my outlet. Now I have a whole new blog dedicated solely to support our efforts in honoring MJ's short life.

The new blog address is and you can reach it here. So for anyone who is wanting to keep up to date with what we do, head on over and check it out :)

And for those of you unfamiliar with what we do in our son's name, let me tell you! We donate care packages to families with a baby in the intensive care unit. We are in the process of filing for our 501c3 paperwork and hopefully should have that complete within weeks! We are a Local Project of the amazing organization Project Sweet Peas, in which I also serve on the Board of Directors. We donate our care packages to Children's Mercy Hospital in Kansas City, MO - the hospital where MJ lived and died. And to Stormont Vail Hospital in Topeka, KS. Since we live in Topeka, we wanted to do something locally, as well. We also have donated memory boxes to Children's Mercy (for parents to have when they lose their baby) and we are planning on donating some to Stormont the end of October. To date we have personally delivered 224 care packages and memory boxes, and next month is our one year anniversary!!

So what do we include in our care packages? Here is a list :

Receiving Blankets
Disposable Cameras
Picture Frames
Stuffed Animals
Isolette Name Plaques
Baby Brush/Comb sets
Baby Caps
Baby Booties
Baby Mittens
Baby Eye Masks
Children's Books
Hand/Foot Molds
Tissue Packs
Journals / Notebooks
Puzzle Books
Baby Lotion
Baby Shampoo
Lip Balm
Hand Sanitizer
Travel Size Toiletries
(Deodorant, Shampoo, Conditioner, Toothbrush, Toothpaste)
Shaving Kits

We also send out our NICU care packages to families with a baby in the NICU, all over the country. If you know someone with a baby in the NICU, please email me at and I will make sure that a package is delivered to them (with no charge).  

So if you have a minute, head on over and check everything out!


butterflymom said...

Hi Megan,
I love that you have found something like the care packages to honor MJ. You have such a good heart. Just wanted to share with you that I gave you an award on my blog. Please check it out when you have a chance. ((hugs))