Friday, March 8, 2013


I've seen so many signs from MJ today, too many to be a coincidence. First, I save MyCokeRewards points, and today I was plugging in my points to the reader. I've been saving them for almost a  year and only have come across two or three that have 'MJ' as part of the number/letter sequence. Today I came across two back to back. I save each one that has the 'MJ' sequence, I'm not sure why, but I just love seeing those two letters so I save them whenever I see them.

Earlier this week I got the mail and we got a flier from 'MJ's Auto Body'. I've never heard of this place and apparently they've been in Topeka for quite some time. Totally makes me want to take my car there!

And today I was shopping for items on my lunch break for MJ's Memories. We are getting ready to donate our 1,000 care package to NICU families in MJ's honor, and the song 'One More Day With You' came on the radio. I totally broke crying.

These little things are just too much too close to be random. I know it has to be my boy sending me his love. It's almost been four years since we've said hello and goodbye 35 days later. The end of this month is March 31 and CDH Awareness Day. March 31 kinda begins the 'hard time' of the year for me and it ends with the day he died, August 29. So many memories and flashbacks happen during this time for me. Four  years, its too long to comprehend at times.