Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have seen this being done on a few other blogs and I have just loved to read them, so here is my turn!

I am going to give you all the chance to find out a little more about me. You can ask me questions and I will answer them all in another post. You can ask me what ever you want, it can be about Will or MJ, or my husband, or family, or anything really!

I am looking forward to answering all of your questions, so start asking away!!!!


Lisette said...

I love reading these too!!!

Has your loss brought you closer to your family and/or friends? So many are mixed on this so I was just wondering.

Anonymous said...

Do you work outside the home? If so, what do you do? Also, you are so great and I'm glad we have "met" even on such sad circumstances. Thanks for doing so much to raise awareness for CDH AND helping NICU parents!
--Beth Houselog