Friday, April 16, 2010

Day 16 of 30 Days of Project Sweet Peas!

I didn't post anything yesterday. Time simply got away from me and Day 15 came and went. However, yesterday was a very big day! We delivered 20 more care packages to Stormont Vail Hospital! Willie and I ran over there on our lunch breaks and delivered the bags. Then I got back to work and immediately after work, I went to night class (I am pursuing my master's degree). So that is my excuse for not posting . . . .  but I do have some great news today!

We are NUMBER FIVE in the Pepsi Refresh Rankings!! I am so excited to say that, it really just warms my heart. I am also so happy to say that as of yesterday, Project Sweet Peas as a whole has donated over 350 care packages since July 2009! How amazing is that?

A little bit ago I received this note


Thank you so much for your gifts. We are so sorry to here for your loss, but I truly believe you are keeping little MJ's Spirit alive through this project. Our daughter was born at almost 31 weeks and for the most part we have had a bunch of really "good" days. She truly is the most precious thing in our life and there is nothing we would not do for her as I am sure was the case through your difficult times. I have know doubt your little boys spirit was here yesterday with us. I say this because yesterday was not a "good" day, she hit a rough patch which included fluid pressing on her young lungs hampering her ability to breathe. To say we were down is an understatement, but then your "bundle of joy" came through the door. You and MJ truly lifted our spirits and I am proud to say that today she is feeling much better as are we. Thank you so much it means the world to us.
(I removed names for privacy reasons).
What a great note! It totally made my day, as I have been having an off day today. I just miss MJ terribly. I simply feel lost today. It's almost an indescribable feeling, one that only a mother of an angel can feel, I think. I feel like I am roaming through time, with no direction, and simply lost. My heart aches for my baby boy that should be here on earth with me. My heart aches for MJ. My son, who should be here to brighten my days and warm my heart, is gone. Sometimes it still just doesn't feel real. 

Thank you all so much for your support of Project Sweet Peas and the Pepsi Refresh Grant. Please continue to vote as there are still 15 days left until the Top Ten winners are announced. 

Thank you!!!


Michelle said...

So happy you guys are sitting at 5th place!!!!! Way to go.