Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 25 of 30 Days of Project Sweet Peas!

We are so close the end and I am getting so excited!! Please don't forget to vote today - only four more days of voting!!! You can vote HERE!

Wanna know some interesting facts about Project Sweet Peas?

 - We have donated over 350 care packages since starting in July 2009
 - We donate care packages to hospitals in 14 states and 2 countries!
 - We started with just three local projects and have grown to 15 since July 2009
 - All project leaders are 100% responsible for each respective local project - from gathering donations, to filling bags, to delivering bags to hospitals
 - I have only met ONE other project leader since joining in October 2009, Theresa from Donny's Shining Light
 - I have never been around a more positive and amazing group of women in my entire life!
  - Winning this grant from Pepsi will mean so many things to each and every one of us, I don't think I could begin to explain!

So please, don't forget to vote today!