Friday, April 9, 2010

Day Nine of 30 Days of Project Sweet Peas Giveaway!

As I have written about so many times before, one of the things that I do to remember and honor my son is donate care packages to families that have a baby in the NICU. I am able to do this through the help and support of Project Sweet Peas, which is a group of families just like mine, who have been in the NICU and know how hard it is. There are twelve local project spread out across the country that deliver these care packages. I am honored to be a part of this organization. And we need your help!!!

We have applied for a grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project, and have been selected as a finalist to win a $25,000 grant!! So here is how you can help us: vote once a day, every day for Project Sweet Peas to win. We need to be in the top ten at the end of the month to win. And to entice you to help us out and vote every day, I am doing a 30 Days of Project Sweet Peas giveaway! Everyday in the month of April I will be writing about the amazing things going on in Project Sweet Peas. And if you leave a comment that you voted each day, I will randomly pick one of these comments to win an Awareness Braceletof your choice! I make awareness bracelets of all colors, and I have a Pregnancy and Infant Loss Charm Bracelet featured right now.

**Please note that you must leave a comment each day to qualify for the giveaway for that day. **

Welcome to Day Nine of 30 Days of Project Sweet Peas! We still holding very strong at 17, but we really needs more votes to push our way into the Top Ten, so PLEASE VOTE!

Today I am going to highlight Christa's Butterfly Kisses, that donate bags to Littleton Adventist Hospital in Colorado. For more information on Christa's Butterfly Kisses, please contact Vanessa at

When I was 5 months pregnant I had my scheduled ultra-sound.  Just like anyone who is pregnant, I was anxious to find out what I was having!  Would it be a room of beautiful, pink princess decor or a rugged jungle themed room for a boy?  That day I not only learned I was having a girl, I also learned that she had a Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia.  I couldn't pronounce it, let alone spell it.  My world changed that day.  Forever.

I know all too well the ups and downs of having a child in the NICU.  It is a roller coaster ride that plays with your emotions on every level.  I also know the heart ache of making life ending decisions and the pain you learn to live with.  The pain never goes away, it is something you just learn to live with.  Christa passed away in my arms on September 4, 1997.  She was three weeks old.  This was the first and last time I ever held her.

Christa was born on August 14, 1997 at Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee.  She lived her entire life at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. 

Christa's life has deeply inspired me to reach out to others who are about to experience or are currently experiencing "life in the NICU."  It is often difficult to explain to friends and family the emotions you are enduring.  My goal is to offer support, words of hope, and prayers to many familes who are struggling with the reality of the NICU.  Working with Project Sweet Pea allows me the opportunity to facilitate Christa's Butterfly Kisses, which will become Christa's beautiful legacy. 

After Christa received her angel wings, I was blessed with two more children.  Noah and Ashlyn-Grace are my miracles!  Noah also had a short stay in the NICU when he was born with a Pneumothorax.  I was on bed-rest with Ashlyn-Grace for 5 months due to complications and pre-term labor.  I'm happy to announce that they are both very healthy, energetic children today!

Christa is my hero.  She taught me to live each day with passion because tomorrow is NOT a promise to any of us.  Make today count and tell those close to your heart that you love them!