Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Time for an Update?

So when I started this blog it was originally to document our way of honoring MJ's short life, through what started as a small local project of Project Sweet Peas. Today we are in full force and have donated over 340 care packages to families going through the NICU experience. You can read about what we do here.

Then the blog slowly morphed into my outlet of grief, and it really seemed (and still does!) to give me a way to channel my crazy emotions as I go through this life as a bereaved mother.

Now its slowly starting to morph again, into a blog about my life struggling with infertility, the death of my son, and every day life, really.

So I am wondering if maybe its time for a change or update to a.) my blog design b.) my blog name or c.) both. Anyone have any input? At a time I really wanted for this blog to be solely about my grief and/or MJ. And at a time, it was. And I tried the whole two or three blog thing and that didn't really work. It got overwhelming and then I never updated either of them. I kind of must want a blog about me, and all of me. Including my grief, my struggle with infertility, my family, and my never ending battle with trying to lose weight.

So, if anyone has any input, please let me know! Including new names, if I do decide to rename it. Thank you!


shannon said...

To a wonderful sister in law, I am thankful for you in my life & my brothers. You are an awesome mom & wife! We love our nephews dearly! You can make as many blogs as you'd like but as you said that could be hard. If you want MJ's Memories to be solely about MJ then keep it seperate. I feel it's what's in your Heart. Its about you & your family so keep the page & write as you have been. If you'd like any help w/ workouts I can listen or just be here for ya. Best of Luck & Hope you are doing ok~Much Love!