Sunday, January 3, 2010

January 30 - Our Goal for our First Fifty Bags!

So this week we are finalizing a few things to get ready for our first donation! We are still trying to finalize ordering the bags that we are going to put all of our stuff in. It is a lot more work then I thought! I thought it would be as simple as saying we want these bags in this color, with this logo. Well, it's a lot more work. There is artwork to finalize, colors to finalize, and then these bag companies try to add on every little charge they can, so then I have to ask about each charge. So far I have been able to get $100 off, and a $50 coupon by asking about charges. But we are still not yet ready to order them. I think it has a lot to do with the New Year, because a lot of the companies close down between Christmas and New Year's. We are working with two different companies, trying to get the best price.

I have designed a logo for MJ's Memories, too. I really like it! I think it's so cute, and it just makes me think of MJ hanging out in Heaven, waiting for us to be with him.

Right now we are aiming for January 30 to be the day that we deliver our first round of bags. I spoke with Stormont Vail, in Topeka a few weeks ago, and they have quite a bit of NICU babies who are in there long term. Because of this, we decided that we are going to split the bags fifty/fifty between Stormont and Children's Mercy. Children's is where MJ was and they are in Kansas City. We are super excited about getting our first bags out.

We just need to buy a few more things and make sure that we have 50 of everything. We ordered disposable cameras last week, and I think we are going to order teddy bears this week. We have to count blankets, booties, caps, and mittens. But everything else, I know that we have at least fifty of. Hopefully the next few weeks goes smooth and we can reach our goal!