Saturday, January 23, 2010

MJ's Garden

One thing my husband and I really want to do for MJ is grow a garden for him. But we have a few obstacles in our way: we are in the middle of winter, and we are renting the house we live in right now, and we don't plan on living in Topeka, KS forever. But we still really want to do one. For several reasons - it will help us do grow and take care of something for MJ. Because we really should be helping him grow and taking care of him. Second - we want to plant milkweed plants because caterpillar's will only graze on milkweed plants. The reason we want to see caterpillars is because they grow into butterflies. Butterflies have a special meaning to us. The day of MJ's funeral we released 35 butterflies - one for each day that he lived. One of them landed on Will's (MJ's twin) cheek. We think it was MJ saying goodbye one last time to his twin brother.

We came up with a few ideas to help us grow this garden. We are going to plant everything in flower pots so when we move, we can take them with us. Problems solved! We started growing some plants now so when spring comes along, we will have a good base to attract some caterpillars. I have never been able to grow anything in the past, nor I have been able to keep grown plants alive, so I wasn't going to count on anything to grow, but I figured I would give it a shot. Well, yesterday I saw some sprouts coming up out of the flower pots! We are really excited about his because like I said, I have never been able to grow anything before. Now I just have to focus on keeping them growing and hopefully they will flourish. Here are a few pictures of the beginning of our garden!

The flower pots (with our fur babies Lola - dog and Charlie - cat)
Up close of the little sprouts!