Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ordered the Bags!

Well, we have finally got the bags ordered! I am very excited about this, as this was the biggest thing holding us up. They should be shipped on January 12, so we should get them in plenty of time to deliver our bags on January 30.

This has been a crazy busy time at work for me, I am a recruiter for a university and we have classes starting next week. So I haven't been able to fully focus on MJ's Memories, but I know that this weekend, Willie and I will be buying everything that we need to finish and fill the bags. We don't have too many things left to buy, which is really nice, so once we get the bags we should really be able to simply fill them and donate them! I am super excited about being able to do this.

Sometimes it seems like time if flying by, and then it seems like time is just taking forever, so we will see how long it actually takes. I just want to be able to have them all filled and ready to go!