Monday, February 15, 2010

A Busy, Busy Day

Well, Willie and I have enjoyed our three day weekend tremendously! We had a great Valentine's Day together and spent President's Day shopping for MJ's Memories. We decided to hit up all of the dollar stores around Topeka and look for any Valentine's clearance items, and we got a lot of stuff! We found these totally cute picture frames that are red, pink, and purple that are glittery and have hearts all over them. PERFECT for a little baby girl's NICU isolette! They were on sale for $.75 each, so we bought all of them that we could, all in all almost 20. They also had really cute journals on sale for $.50 each, which we also bought as many of as we could.

Then we went to Hobby Lobby (one of my all time favorite places!) and purchased some fleece fabric that was on sale. During some of our previous fundraisers and donation drive we received many full size fleece blankets, which are just too big for our bags. So today we bought some cute baby fleece prints and cut up the big blankets and made some smaller size ones for our bags. We only got four blankets done, but I think they look really great! We have many more blankets to make with all of the material we have, so we will be busy the next few weeks!

For those of you wondering how our friend's infant son, Xavier, is doing here is an update: he is doing fantastic! He is over three pounds and may come home the end of March! They were originally told he would not be home until his due date, which was April 27.