Friday, February 12, 2010

A Few More Fundraisers

So we are planning a few more fundraisers for our bags in the next few months, which we are pretty excited about. Our first fundraiser is going to be next Monday, February 22. We are having a fundraiser night at Boston Market in Topeka, KS. That night Boston Market will donate 15% of their sales (as long as the customer brings the coupon below). We hope that a lot of people will go to Boston Market that night and get some yummy good and help us out!

The other fundraiser that we are planning is a Garage Sale Fundraiser. We have a ton of stuff in our house that we really don't need, so we are going to clean it out and have a garage sale! All of the proceeds from that day will be donated to buy stuff to fill our bags! We are pretty excited about this fundraiser as well. Today we bought a new tv (super nice HD, 47 inch, all that jazz). And we are going to try and sell our old one for a good price. We got our tax return back and figured that we have had a hell of a past six months, and that we deserved to treat ourselves. Neither of us have ever had a new big screen before, so that's what we really wanted. (Actually, Willlie wanted it more, LOL). I really wanted some new kitchen dishes, so that's what my splurge was! We have a lot of other stuff to put in our garage sale and are going to let our friends know that if they want to get anything off of their hands, we will take it! Hopefully they will go well and we can make our bags super awesome!!

We have another fundraiser in the works, but that one is a super huge one that I am going to save for when it happens! Try not to get too excited!