Sunday, February 7, 2010

Starting our Second Set of Fifty Bags

So yesterday we started working on making all our items to put in our second set of fifty bags. We have a good amount of stuff left over from the donations we received, but not even close to what we will need for our next set. We have also been buying items every time we go to the store we buy some things, we are slowly replenishing our supplies to be ready for the next time we donate. Our goal is to be donating another 50 bags in April.

Yesterday we worked on our baby eye masks. We finished fifty of them with the help of my mom. We had a great assembly going! It didn't take too long to finish and now they are ready to be donated!

The finished product!

My baby helping! Will is MJ's twin brother.
Will was born without CDH and perfectly healthy.

My husband, Willie, helping!

Nice close up!

Working hard!


leslie said...

Megan. How are you? the baby mask are soooo cute. i just want to ask you what i can do for the next bags? i dont know if the booties was good for the babys or if is better do something diferent like blankets or journals. i just want to help. so please let me know