Wednesday, February 3, 2010

You never know where life is gonna take you

It's amazing how things happen. It really is. When we delivered our first bags a few weeks ago, I posted how our friends had delivered their baby, Xavier, 14 weeks too early and was transferred to Children's Mercy. They were the first people to receive a bag donated by MJ's Memories. Xavier is holding his own and slowly growing and doing well.

Well, last night I was contacted by my old college softball coach. I haven't spoke to him since I graduated four years ago. He told me that his daughter was recently born with Spina Bifida and is recovering from surgery at Children's Mercy. That's right, the same hospital MJ was at, the same hospital that we donated our bags to. His daughter, Evie, seems to be doing well and may just come home today or tomorrow, which is amazing! He also told me that him and his wife want to help and get involved and get my old softball team involved! It is so crazy and insane that this happened and by some bizarre twist of fate we are able to contact with my old coach and hopefully donate even more bags.

And it's all because of MJ. Though my son's days was short, it seems as though his life is living on through others. I feel like I can really say and believe that right now. He has made a lasting impression on people I never thought I would speak to again, opened the door to many amazing friendships to form, and has forever changed me. If I could give it all back, I would, so I could have my son. But at the same time, I am forever grateful to him for making so many things happen. I miss MJ so much and I am so glad for the days I spent with him while he was here on this Earth. I now I am so glad that he really is continuing to live on through Project Sweet Peas.


withoutmypunkin said...

so glad that MJ has made lasting impression on many and that you will soon be able to spread even more awareness and help other families in the NICU!